Step 1: Confirm

1. Book the date and confirm the price you want to charge.

2. We supply pre-printed envelopes with your set price, normally 3 weeks in advance.

3. You might want to choose a specific colour or style.

4. Your coaches and managers collect names and money.

Step 2: Setup

1. We arrive 45 mins before the start to set-up.

2. We only need an area about 5m x 6m with access to electricity.

Step 3: Take the Shot

1. We take the main photo (allow 5 mins per team).*

2. We supply a proof immediately.

3. Names and headings are filled in on the envelope.

4. We collect the envelope for each team with the money.**

Step 4: Printing

1. We edit the photos, and typeset the proofs.

2. Coaches or managers will be sent a text to view their team proof online at

Note: Spelling and grammar are vital so clear handwriting must be used and we do need a contact

number for each team for any queries.

3. Proofs are finalised, printed and laminated.

Step 5: Photos and your Club Contribution

1. Photos are despatched in 3-4 weeks (unless otherwise requested).

2. The cheque for your club contribution is sent at the same time.

3. Each club can choose a free gift.

Notes: *Please provide 1-2 helpers to marshall the teams.

** Unless prior arrangements are made.

5 stepps