Our Process

Photosmart specialise in producing class photos and student portraits for Playcentres, Kindergartens, Primary, and Intermediate.

We offer great school contributions, superb class and portrait photographs that any student and parent would be pleased with, Photosmart is the company you can trust year in, year out with consistent quality and expectation. All our products are produced in house meaning that no part of our process or production is out-sourced. This gives us complete control of quality and continuity to produce images, frames and canvas to the highest standard.


Photosmart can accommodate for pre-shoot ordering or post-shoot ordering . For pre-shoot ordering, order forms are typically handed out a month before the date of the shoot, this ensures all orders can be collected before the shoot day. Post-shoot ordering means order forms are send out with proofs attached of, class, individual and sibling photos. These are then return by a due date to the office.



Once we have taken the photos they go through post production editing to fix any minor imperfections in the photos. Proof photos of each class will then be sent to your school to check all the details are correct and everyone is happy. We also supply proofs for individual portraits to ensure parents are happy with the image


Once we have received all the orders, we start the production process. Printing, laminating, canvas printing and picture framing is all done in our own facilities, meaning that we can turn work around in a timely manner.



Once the photos are printed and laminated, we pack them individually with a sticker of the students name and include a copy of their order form. Orders are organised by class groups.