PhotoSmart offers inserts for missing players at no extra charge.

If you have missing players or coaches who would like to be in the photo, we have two options avaliable.

Firstly you can send us a file using the upload link below.  The insert will appear on the left or right hand side of the photo. 

Simply click on the link below,  enter your name and your email address in the boxes provided.  In the "Subject Box" enter the Club and Team name and in the "Message Box:, enter your missing persons name.  Click on the "Select File" tab to search your computer for the photo, and finally click the "Send It" tab to forward the insert to us.

The second option PhotoSmart offers is a cut and paste into the main picture where we clone the missing player/person over another person's body sitting in on the photograph.  We must take this insert to get the correct lighting and angle.  Prior knowledge is needed for this service so that our photographer can set up the layout to accommodate for the extra person.